Arun Yadav a BJP leader and a state in-charge of @BJP4Haryana tweeted a controversial post on 21st July 2017 and this post is now going viral on social media, #arrestarunyadav is trending on 3rd number on tweeter.


arun yadav twitter post

In this post on the one side, there is a picture of Khana Kaba and on the other side there is a picture of a glass filled with alcohol and the caption of Arun Yadav is “Mujhe to peg me bhi pegambar nazar aata hai”

Because of this tweet, the people of the Muslim community are very hurt and upset and they are demanding to arrest Arun Yadav just like Mohammed Zubair got arrested in 2018 because of his tweet.

ajit anjum twitter post


Ajit Anjum an Indian senior journalist and writer has also tweeted against Arun Yadav and he is also demanding to arrest him.

Prof Shaikh Sadeque has also tweeted against Arun Yadav, he said “If Zubair can be arrested for his 2018 tweet, then why not Arun today?