We all love doing makeup right? But in Monsoon season our makeup tends to washed away because of the humidity and sweating, but if you do your makeup in the right way then you can ace your makeup even in Monsoon season. Don’t worry you are at the right place because we are going to share some amazing and very useful tips which would help your makeup to stay all day long!

Monsoon season is all about humidity, because of which there is a lot of moisture in the air and that is why we sweat a lot in this season. So, the suggestions that we are sharing here are all about the products and tips for sweatproof and waterproof makeup so that you all can enjoy doing makeup even in this humid weather.

tips for monsoon makeup

Here are all the hacks and tips that you need to know while doing makeup in this humid weather:

1. Skincare: The very first step is that you should prep your skin really well, now this is very important because skincare before makeup actually changes the game because it really helps the makeup to stay all day long, and also the makeup would sit well on your skin if you would prep your skin properly.

2. Water-Based Moisturizers: You should never use oil-based moisturizers or sunscreens during the Monsoon season as the oil is going to reflect onto your face after some time, because of the humidity present in the weather. So always go with the water-based moisturizers, gel-based sunscreens, or matte day creams as they are light and not going to make your face oily.

3. Light Base: Don’t go for so many layers of foundation or concealer as your makeup would become so cakey and the sweat would melt all these heavy layers of your foundation and concealer. Try to use bb creams or matte foundations or HD foundations, because this would help your makeup to stay sweatproof all day long but don’t put so many layers, always remember that less is more!

4. Powder Products: During the Monsoon season powder products are your dear friends! Just go blindly for powder blush, powder contour, powder eyeshadows, and setting powder because powder products are saviors for Monsoon season and these products are going to give you a perfect matte look.

5. Set Your Makeup: Last but definitely not the least point is that always set your makeup with a matte setting spray or matte setting powder because this is something that will lock your base and would give a perfect matte finish to the base.

Here are some bonus tips<<<<<<go for matte lipsticks, don’t forget matte primer, stay hydrated and most importantly stay happy 🙂